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Rural America

Dakota Plains Energy (DPE) is headquartered in Aberdeen, South Dakota. Dakota Plains Energy values its long-standing relationships with small communities throughout the upper Midwest, and offers an understanding and respect of small-town sensibilities combined with expertise in rural energy project management. Our goal is to help envision, develop, finance and advise on renewable energy projects throughout the upper Midwest.

Our Mission

To harvest the power of the plains through wind and solar development for all income levels.

Why Choose

Dakota Plains Energy

Dakota Plains Energy has expertise in ground-up projects, developed where there was no project before. We are your partners through every step of development; including siting, transmission availability, landowner consultations, governmental relations & permitting, power production sales, interconnection processes, project financing and construction.

Our firm is presently developing multiple large utility-scale wind projects in South Dakota. Due diligence is currently underway on potential solar and wind projects in North Dakota, South Dakota, Minnesota, Wyoming and Montana.

DPE works with some of the most highly regarded advisors and consultants in renewable energy. Our experts are at the top of their field and their goals are always to develop the best project possible in a given location. 

Our commitments to our Landowners include:

  • Report any threatened or endangered species within the Project Area
  • Avoid any direct impact to cultural resources
  • Consult with the Historical Preservation Office in each state
  • Repair & restore areas disturbed by the construction of the Project
  • Work with Landowners to control noxious weeds
  • Take appropriate precautions to protect livestock & crops during construction
  • Bury the underground cables within the site
  • Keep turbine sound levels at or below state requirements
  • Create an emergency response plan consistent with local resources and capabilities
  • Produce a bird and bat conservation strategy prior to construction
  • Abide by state decommissioning requirements
  • Follow all required state and local zoning and setback requirements
  • Install a FAA-approved Aircraft Detection Lighting System
  • Reduce residential impacts from shadow flicker to state requirements
  • Create a plan to reduce or eliminate potential turbine ice throw
  • Listen to concerns & come up with solutions
  • Be a good neighbor

2019 Regional Rankings for Wind (estimated)

State Rank Megawatts Installed by 12/20 Turbines Investment Jobs
South Dakota 3rd 3,600 1,472 $5.3 billion 2,000
North Dakota 4th 3,000 1,500 $6.1 billion 2,300
Iowa 5th 7,300 4,700 $14.1 billion 5,300
Minnesota 10th 3,500 1,980 $7 billion >4,000

State Solar Rankings

According to the US National Renewable Energy Lab (NREL) Resource Data Center, the following are the rankings of solar power potential by state:


State Rank by solar
generation potential
Installed Solar Generation
by Megawatts
Nevada 1 363 MW
Arizona 2 504 MW
California 4 2572 MW
Texas 6 403 MW
Wyoming 7 8 MW
Florida 8 420 MW
South Dakota 14 <1 MW
Montana 15 0 MW
North Dakota 16 0 MW
Minnesota 17 93 MW
North Carolina 18 476 MW

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